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Nathan Barr’s True Blood score is breathtaking

Nathan Barr’s True Blood score is breathtaking

Nathan Barr is the composer of the original score of True Blood. His beautiful and inspiring music accompanies some of the most impressive scenes like Bill’s Entrance, the Hairclip scene, Graveyard sex scene and the Bill and Sookie Love Theme to mention only a few.

Nathan not only composes his own original scores, he also performs all of the instruments heard in the majority of his compositions. Skilled in writing many styles and genres ranging from orchestral to rock, Barr is known for his collection and inclusion of rare and unusual instruments from around the world, which include human bone trumpets from Tibet, dismantled pianos, a rare glass armonica, and gourd cellos, among many others.

The Vault received a promotional CD of the score that will be released on September 8th. SterlingSilverCharm wrote the review.

The music of Nathan Barr is melodic, exciting, evocative, engaging and pleasing to the senses and Nathan plays it elegantly. Besides his technical mastery, he has a certain feeling to his songs – a tonal quality which is not only beautiful, but it is soothing to the soul. There is a subtle dynamic control in his composing.

The use of guitar and cello in this CD is exemplary. His precise guitar finger work coupled with the airiness of strings are superb. The music is further enhanced by a Baby Grand, building to this explosive, almost frantic, rift in some songs which is incredible.

His music is so varied in it’s tempo and movements; from a very, almost, meandering bendy rhythm, a nearly happy jovial trot and of course the beautiful melodic masterpiece which is further enhanced by Lisbeth Scott – Take Me Home. The use of guitar and cello in this CD are superb.

Take Me Home is a hauntingly beautiful song about love, life, death and faith. The beautiful guitar and cello work in this piece only serves to compliment Lisbeth’s voice which I feel is probably the sweetest instrument in the ensemble. The lyrics are almost prayer like the way they are phrased ……

“I shall lay down all of my troubles and I’ll lift up this heart of mine ….

Take me home LORD

Oh Take me home

O’er the hillside and O’re the sea

To the soft grass of the valley

Where your grace shall set me free”

Love Theme is by far the most recognisable song in this CD. The solo piano in this song is riveting. Love Theme is a gorgeous stand alone piece of work, or should I call it artwork. This harmonising, yet almost dueling piano parts of this song, brings to light the characters Sookie & Bill and their love theme used throughout True Blood. It is a favorite of mine.

In the 20 songs that I was privileged to listen to, Nathan shows an enormous range – He is a special brand of genius. His delivery is genteel. He promises and delivers flawless execution. His music has his own very unique signature sound – It is simply……… breathtaking.

If you enjoy True Blood and/or beautiful melodic songs, this is the CD to purchase. Even as I sit and listen to it, it brings me back to such events that took place throughout Season One of True Blood. For all the fans of the show, this is the one to buy. Nathan Barr’s music is so expressive in it’s nature, it reaches down to the very depths of ones soul.

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Written by Shadaliza

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  1. Avatar
    September 04, 2009

    Great review, SSC. I rarely buy CDs, but I’m not passing up this one. September 8 is circled on my calendar.


  2. Avatar
    September 04, 2009

    Wonderful review Sterling. I will purchase this as soon as it hits the stands. His music is so beautiful.


  3. Avatar
    September 04, 2009

    Great review! I was already planning to buy, now I have even more reason to do so with the lovely Bill & Sookie pics.


  4. Avatar
    September 05, 2009

    Fantastic insight! If the chosen photo layout is any indication of what direction the show is going follow and if the music feels to be inspired by love. BILL and SOOKIE FOREVER!!!


  5. Avatar
    September 05, 2009

    Your teasing me, I thought I can already go buy it, I still have to wait 3 more days!

    My favorite song it when Bill meets Sookie the second time at Merlott’s and she walks to him. That instrumental just sweeps me away……


  6. Avatar
    September 06, 2009

    I am going to buy this CD for sure.


  7. Avatar
    September 17, 2009

    I had the soundtrack blasting through the speakers at 2 am when I wrote my bit about my meeting with Nathan. It’s hauntingly beautiful; it awakens emotions within you right to your very core. When I’m in my “happy” place, especially when I’m outside staring at the stars (that is of course, if the LA sky isn’t overcast) I listen to “Hairclip”.
    What a wonderfully written review Sterling. We’ve got a lot of amazing writers and artists. We should have our own magazine of something. ABNEG and BH would be our centerfold girls. I’ll be the waterboy – er, girl. Or the cup holder…something!


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