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Our Facing The Atlantic Rowers will start the Race again

Our rowers, that’s how it feels after having followed Bertie and James for almost a year in their preparation for the roughest rowing race in the world.

After being towed back to La Gomera because of a problem with the electrical system of the boat, we are so happy to report that the boat has been repaired and the Facing The Atlantic team will start the race again, from scratch, tomorrow morning at 7.15am.

A hug round of applause for Bertie and James, we were so kind to give the other teams a head start.


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Written by Shadaliza

Shadaliza loves the Internet, film and TV shows, writing, running websites and charity fundraising; she has found the perfect combo in the fansites to express her creativity and passion. Shadaliza is Dutch, but has lived in Italy for many years and works as Marketing Executive for an Internet hosting company.

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    December 08, 2011

    AWESOME NEWS!! I am so happy to hear this. Godspeed, Bertie and James.

    Thanks, Shad, for so wonderfully keeping up in the loop.


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