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Photo’s of the True Blood set

Photo’s of the True Blood set

These are hoto’s of the True Blood set in Louisiana, it is the house used as Jason’s house. Fairness tells us that her parent’s house was used for the shooting of True Blood.

She says: “My parents live just south of Shreveport and their house will be used as Jason’s house. I was home this weekend and down the road they were working on the smashed up aftermath of the Drainers’ trailer house. I didn’t go investigate closely, but did see a few trees knocked over and a demolished trailer house — convincing as a freak tornado / Bill’s revenge. I also know that a local plantation type house and a cemetery are under contract for filming. Now, having grown up in North Louisiana and then later reading the books, I think that the locations they’ve chosen so far are spot on. Seriously, when I read a decription of Jason’s house, I knew that my folks’ house would be perfect. Yeah, I’m biased. Anyway, they are shooting the outside scenes at my parents’ house and re-creating the interior on a sound stage. The HBO folks were at the house last month measuring the width of the wood paneling, matching swatches of upholstery and paint, taking a million pictures and making sketches. It’s certainly going to be surreal seeing my childhood home so accurately recreated on tv.”

“I can guarantee that at least Jason’s house will look “authentic.” My mom asked the HBO folks if she should power-wash all of the spider webs off the house (in Louisiana there are tons of spiders and they leave webs everywhere). They told her that if she knocked down all the webs, they’d just have to put some back up. They also insisted that my Dad NOT clean up his junk piles in the yard. Mom wasn’t too happy about that! Not to imply that our house is trashy or anything, but in the country, piles of “good stuff” (i.e., junk) tend to accumulate in the yard. Yeah, we got a real kick out of the HBO people taking pictures of the pile of car batteries and empty propane bottles in front of the shed, as if it were some fabulous prop.

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Jason’s house as seen in S1E9 shown below.

These photo’s were taken by Fairness.

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