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Quotes Season 1 Episode 11 – To love is to bury

Quotes Season 1 Episode 11 – To love is to bury

Bill: I find myself doubting whether you were ever truly human
Pam: Thank you.

Pam to Bill: I’ll tuck you in.

Tara to Kenya : I am an excellent driver, but you cannot prepare for a naked lady and a hog in the middle of the road, you know that.

Terry to Lafayette: I can’t listen to politicians no more, I get a seizure.

Sookie to Sam: Go on, hang your head right out the window, if you feel like it.

Bill: No, no, not intercourse.
Jessica: You just said intercourse.

Jessica: I can say anything I want now. Shit, shit, shit. Damn, hell, fuck! “Fuck”, that’s a bad one. What’s another curse word so I can say it?

Jessica to Bill: You suck!

Jessica to Bill: You are the worst maker ever.

Eric to Bill: Can’t handle one little girl, Bill?

Sookie: Sam, my living room’s wrecked. I’ve got a killer, a vampire and a shapeshifter on my plate. Rith about now, I’m not thinking about being with anybody.

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