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Quotes Season 1 Episode 12 – You’ll be the death of me

Quotes Season 1 Episode 12 – You’ll be the death of me

Sookie talking to Sam about Drew Marshall: Who knows how many times he’s sat in one of those booths, looked me right in the eye and ordered a burger and fries.
Sam: Yeah, but wouldn’t you have heard him?
Sookie: Wouldn’t you’ve smelled him?

Jason: I got no idea what you’re talkin’ about.
Orry Dawson: That’s smart. Don’t admit to anything.

Tara talking to Eggs about Maryann: So, collecing stray black people, that some kind of hobby of hers?

Terry: Nobody ever listens to me. But they should.

Sookie: Did Sam tell you that he save me life? He turned into a dog and bit Rene.
Lafayette: No shit. I’m gonna need some of them drugs they gave you.

Lafayette: Well I’m gonna head over to the bar. Make sure Terry ain’t PTSDing all over my clam chowder.

Maryann: Did you think I wasn’t gonna find you? You silly, silly dog.

Jason: You know, I was sitting in that jail and I just kept thinkin’ about all the stupid stuff I’d done.
Sookie: That must’ve kept you busy.

Sookie: You’re alive?
Bill: Well, technically, no. But I am healed.

Sookie to Bill: My life is too short for all that.

Terry: People disappear all the time, but they’re never really gone. The good parts of ‘em always stay put.

Terry to Arlene: Your hair’s like a sunset after a bomb went off. Pretty.

Jessica: Hi daddy.

Eric: There are favors and there are… favors.

Jessica: So, who’s good to eat around here?

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