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Random Thoughts 5.08 – “Somebody That I Used to Know”

Random Thoughts 5.08 – “Somebody That I Used to Know”

Stephen Moyer made his directorial debut in a big way. Episode 8 had a lot going on. There were a lot of changes and many story lines to follow. Stephen did an amazing job. This was a very emotional episode and I totally got sucked in. It kept me on the edge of my seat. Well done Stephen!


Hoyt’s initiation into the hate group.

Hoyt takes a ride with the crazy redneck hate group. He finds himself at a house in the middle of nowhere. Didn’t his mama teach him not to get into cars with crazy people? Upon entering the house he’s led to a room where he finds Jessica cowering in the corner bound in silver chains. Hoyt is handed a gun loaded with wooden silver tipped bullets. After questioning Jessica at gunpoint about their relationship Hoyt fires the gun. Ray comes running in hoping to find a pile of Jessica on the floor instead he gets his neck broken. I have to be honest, I wasn’t completely sure Hoyt wouldn’t shoot Jessica. A broken heart can be a dangerous thing.


Meanwhile Sam shifts into a cobra to get answers from Jo Bob. He learns that Jessica is being held captive by the hate group. After shifting into Sam, Luna escapes from the hospital. Finding Sam at the police station Luna shocks him with her appearance. Sam , Luna, and Andy race to save Jessica. Luna, is unable to shift back and becomes ill. Sam cradles her in his arms as they sit together on the sofa. He professes his love for Luna. Finally, she is able to shift back.

Returning home

The vampires return to Authority headquarters still high, except for Eric. After his sobering encounter with Godric Eric has seen the light. He wants nothing to do with the Sanguinista movement. He tries to reason with Nora telling her that her mind has been clouded and Lilith doesn’t exist. Eric tells her about seeing Godric and his message to him. She tells Eric that Godric had lost his way before he met the true death. Eric is hurt by her words and is really confused. Salome Brings Bill to her room for a late night snack. The woman pleads with him not to eat her because she has a baby. Bill refuses to kill her saying that he has fathered children. Salome tells him Lilith commanded it and asks him why he didn’t turn his children. He has a flash back to a time when he visited his sick daughter Sarah. She was dying and begged him to turn her so she could live forever. Salome is persistent and Bill finally gives in. Later that evening the vampires hold a meeting. Salome declares that the time has come to get rid of the mainstreamers. Bill suggests bombing the True Blood factories forcing mainstreamers to once again feed on humans. Eric sits in silence looking bewildered. It’s not like him to sit quietly and let others tell him what to do. What is Eric up to?

Alcide’s ready for battle

Rikki and Alcide hook up. I guess he’s gotten over Sookie. After a night of fun Alcide gets down to business. He prepares to battle JD for leadership of the pack. Alcide steps down when he finds out JD plans on hunting a human. JD has no intention of letting his prey go. After giving the college kid a head start JD begins the hunt. Alcide has no choice but to go after him. Just as JD catches up to the kid, Alcide intervenes. JD, pumped up on V, gets the upper hand in the fight. Just as he’s about to finish Alcide, Martha stops him. Before leaving, JD tells Alcide to find a new pack.

Lafayette plays medium

Arlene and Holly are waiting for Lafayette when he gets home. They quickly fill him in on what’s been going on with Terry. They ask him to play medium and convince Terry that the curse has been lifted. Lafayette is tired of being used and demands 300 dollars to help Arlene. She agrees to pay him and lures Terry and Patrick to the house. After learning they were tricked, Terry and Patrick want to leave. Arlene gets them to stay for the séance. Once Lafayette begins his fake séance things quickly become real. The woman who cursed the men is pissed. She possesses Lafayette briefly and he learns the only way for the curse to be lifted is for Terry to kill Patrick or vise versa. Someone must die. Patrick runs out of the house.

Sookie learns a new trick

Jason stops Sookie from wasting her faerie powers. She expresses her desire to me normal. Jason assures her that being normal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. He reminds her of the plus side to being half faerie. He points out that they might need her powers to track down the vampire who killed their parents. Sookie and Jason pay a visit to the faeries for help. Claude tells them that there is a way to find out who killed their parents. Claude, Sookie and Jason return to the bridge where their parents were murdered. He explains that Sookie can access ripples to see into the past. He helps her channel her mother so Sookie can see things through her eyes. She sees the vampire kill her father but then she sees her mother being killed through the vampire’s perspective. Claudine appears and zaps the vampire. Sookie falls to the ground and her vision is gone. Claude freaks out when he learns that Sookie psychically bonded with the vampire. Later that night Sookie’s in her bathroom when she sees the vampire through the ripples, and he says he’s coming for her. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the vampire that’s after Sookie is somehow connected to a vampire she knows. I am dying to find out who he is.

Kelly Valentine
Written by Kelly Valentine

Kelly Valentine discovered True Blood during S4, but quickly caught up on seasons 1-3 and her favorite sups are the vampires. She works with special needs children in an elementary school in Maryland. Her passions are photography and writing.

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    July 30, 2012

    Well done, Kelly. Lots to contemplate in this episode. First of all, big congratulations to Stephen on his directorial debut. He did a fantastic job.

    I appreciate all the videos with the actors’ takes on what is happening with their characters. Where to begin? Jason does some level-headed talking to Sookie and persuades her not to “un-fairy” too quickly. Claude and his sisters offer their help to Sookie and Jason, and in the process Sookie sees what happened to her parents through the eyes of the vampire who killed them. She wasn’t supposed to make that connection with the vampire. More danger for Sook. Lafayette is persuaded (for compensation) to hold a seance with Terry, Patrick, Arlene and Holly in attendance. He is possessed by the spirit of the Iraqi woman who agrees to call off the curse for a price: Terry must kill Patrick or vice versa.

    Bill seems to be going along with the Authority’s Sanguinista agenda. Eric has seen the light, thanks to Godric. Personally, I think Bill is playing Salome & Co. I’m not sure what he has in mind, but I don’t think he has lost his humanity. Alcide refused to kill the pack’s college captive. He lost the fight to J. D. and is out of the pack. Hoyt refused to kill Jessica, who was taken captive by the hate group as a “present” for him.

    Sam T was amazing as Luna skin walking as Sam. The couch scene had to be difficult to do. It was stunning.

    This was a jam-packed episode with ramifications for the rest of the season.


  2. Avatar
    July 31, 2012

    Kudos to Stephen Moyer and Mark Hudis for an awesome episode. I was very impressed again by Sam impersonating another character.

    Russell remains one to watch out for, he obviously has no interest at all in the political agenda of the new Authority and he is already getting bored with it. Eric seems lost and he better start figuring out his next move: everybody who is not in favor of the Sanguinistas is against them and I fear for his safety and life if he continues to be uncooperative. I am convinced that Bill has already come to that conclusion and is playing along, awaiting the right moment to make his move and attempt to destroy his enemies.

    I loved the remark of Jason to Sookie about how it was real love what she had with Bill. That fact is often overshadowed by their later problems and struggles.

    I wonder about Warlow the vampire on the bridge, there is something that doesn’t add up there.

    Very touching moment in the car with Laffy and Jesus, I feel Laffy can start to move on, now that he knows Jesus is at peace.


  3. Avatar
    July 31, 2012

    I might be the only minority here but I Miss the old Eric.Dont get wrong the New Eric cool and everything,But the new Eric dont have that same Jazz like the old Eric to me.

    Bill-It do like Bill is Salmone little puppy for right now.BUt I hope he got a plan.

    Jason- Jason came a long way from being a d**k to adult.ANd I love hes and Sookie bond

    Hoyt-Let he be okay.

    Alcide-he can be the leader of my pack anytime

    Sam-Keep doing the good work.

    Lafayette-Im glad that the old lafayette is back

    Russell-Hes going to betrayed the authority.

    Salome-I want somebody to Stake the S*** out of her

    Pam- so far is a good maker


    • Avatar
      July 31, 2012

      I agree. I miss the old Eric. I hope he has a plan and is just waiting for the right time to strike. I love how the characters are slowly changing. You never know how they will react now.


    • Avatar
      August 01, 2012

      All my friends who are Eric fans feel exactly as you do.


  4. Avatar
    July 31, 2012

    Kelly thanks for your Random Thoughts and here are mine, they are long because I am so happy the season is back on track. Was it Bill saying “F*%# politics”, I’ve had enough of the preaching and quoting – Eric’s had their number from day one but keep your head honey if you know what I mean. His noble attempt with his looney sister Nora came to no sound conclusion only dissolusion.
    Meanwhile Bill’s vampire life has been as a metaphoric hand of Three-card Monte with Lorena, Sophie Ann and Salome as the Queen of Hearts when he turns them up. He keeps saying “I am not hungry” and does not want to play but the bane of his vampire existence are older stronger she-vamps who want to control him body and soul. He never wins all he gets is drowned in more debauched blood. Now Salome wants him to play and he has to will she get her wish and get his soul too or will William prevail? I think Bill is AGAIN in 007, deep secret agent mode to try to save himself, Eric too and humanity. I hope I am right.

    I enjoyed the rest of the episode, no fast forwarding on the second watching especially not during the hotflash inducing – HBO needs another warning such as HHH for HOT, HOT, HOT for this sex sceen:
    Alcide and maybe girlfriend (lol)- Rikki if after that “Magic Alcide”, “50 Shades of Woof” flying bed tossing performance you have trouble making up your mind…..did she hit her head on the bed? Finally some sex that lasted more than 3 sec.

    Lafayette and Terry’s stories are combined, good move.

    Who’s the Dragon? Bud, Mike Spencer, Mrs. Newlin or Hoyt’s Momma

    Sam & Sam/Luna, so well acted and sad.

    Hoyt & Jessica – Romeo and Juliette gone wrong, someones gonna die.

    Jason and Sookie – Warlow how can you be a vampire and appear to Sookie as a spirit? As Godric does, so are you dead now and control others?

    Pam and Tara – while some see Pam as a good maker to Tara in bringing her the redneck woman as a “slave”, is that not righting an injustice with another injustice. All I could see was Tara taking the place of Franklin and feeding on a glamoured victim (yes she’s a bigot but does she deserve slavery?). I hear Tara say to Jessica “trade you makers”, how different Tara’s transition would have been with a more willing maker.

    Great writing, Mark Hudis and excellent directing *cheers* Stephen Moyer. It felt like season 1!


  5. Avatar
    July 31, 2012

    I am bit rusty so I’ll keep it short.

    First off as expected Stephen did a terrific job directing and I hope he gets the chance to do so again next season. Flowed so seamlessly and beautifully shot.

    Sam is remarkable at slipping into another characters persona. The subtle nuances and seemingly small details really put the finishing touches to his performance.

    So many thoughts and speculations. They have really cranked up the volume this season. I am enjoying the season.


  6. Avatar
    August 01, 2012

    I’m hoping Bill really has turned bad as in the books his character didn’t have much to do but that would be a really good arc for his character.
    Concerning Eric, if Bill has really gone bad then Eric needs to step up to the plate – this coukd prove to Sookie that he really has changed and once his heart is a little less broken maybe some of that jazz will return.
    I have a theory that Lilith’s blood is actually fairy blood which would explain the acid trip.


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