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Random Thoughts True Blood Episode 5.11 ‘Sunset’

Random Thoughts True Blood Episode 5.11 ‘Sunset’

This was a very busy episode. The writers packed a lot of information into an hour. I have to admit I’ve watched it 3 times and am still a little confused. The episode last week was focused and easy to follow. That was not the case this week. I could have done without the less important story lines. They seemed like filler and took focus away from the larger plot of the episode. I have no idea what to expect next week in the finale but I think it’ll blow our minds.

This means war.
Lilith appears to Bill. She tells him there can only be on leader and she chooses him. She tells him to drink all of the blood in the vial. Bill refuses and leaves.

When General Cavanaugh arrives at the Authority head quarters everyone seems a little on edge. He demands to see Roman. When he is told Roman is unavailable he informs the Authority that he knows they bombed the True Blood factories. The general reminds them of the agreement they have with the US government. Mainstreaming insures vampires and humans leave each other alone. The pentagon is talking about eradicating vampires from the face of the planet. The Authority informed the general of their new plan and urged him to get on board. General Cavanaugh will not back down and assures the Authority that the government won’t back down either. True to form Eric doesn’t take being told what to do very well. He snaps the general’s neck, which upsets Salome and the other chancellors. Eric and Nora share their plans to fix the problem. Bill is suspicious and has them take security with them. Lilith once again comes to Bill. She tells him he is the leader and touched his lips with her blood soaked fingers. Once she is gone Bill touches his own lips and notices the blood. This seems to be proof to him that Lilith is real. Power seems to have gone to Bills head and he’s not going to let anyone stand in his way of becoming leader. Lilith has appeared to 3 chancellors and has told them they are chosen to be the leader. Why is she trying to pin the chancellors against each other? The Authority is sure to crumble.


Maker or faker?
Jessica’s attempt to save Jason from Russell and Steve backfires. She tried to trick Bill by telling him she wanted to make Jason a vampire. Bill sees right through her lie and commands her to become Jason’s maker. Jessica is escorted by security to BonTemps. They find Jason and Jessica tries her best to stall so that she doesn’t have to make him. The security guards threaten to do it if she doesn’t. Jessica is left with no choice. She must drink from Jason. Once the guards are convinced he has been drained they dig a hole and begin to bury them. When the security becomes distracted Jason shoots them with wooden bullets. He is understandably upset by what has just happened. Jessica explains that. Russell and Steve are coming after Sookie. Jason leaves to warn her.


Nora has a change of heart.
Nora’s vision of Godric has made her see the light. She pays a visit to Eric in his bedroom. There’s nothing like having sex and planning your escape at the same time. Talk about multitasking. After Eric Kills General Cavanaugh he and Nora tell the other members their plan to keep his death a secret. Once out of head quarters Eric quickly gets rid of the security detail. It’s nice to see the smile on Eric’s face when Nora takes the medallion off of her neck and throws it to the ground.


Safe and Sound…not in BonTemps
Jason leaves Sookie in the safety of the faeries. They feel it’s the best place to keep her away from Warlow. Sookie meets the eccentric elder. She warns Sookie of a dark time that is coming. The elder tells Sookie to hold onto her light. Before the elder can tell Sookie anything about Warlow Jason bursts in and interrupts them. He tells Sookie that Russell is coming for her. The elder seems alarmed to learn he is alive. Sookie and the elder agree that the faeries must fight Russell with Jason’s help. Maurella doesn’t like that plan. She goes to Merlotte’s to find Andy. She tells him there is danger and he must protect her and their baby. He doesn’t believe her because she is very pregnant and it’d only been a week since they had sex. Maurella warns Andy not to ignore the light pact they made. I’m willing to guess Holly won’t take it well when she finds out Andy knocked up a faerie?

Jason is quickly captured by Russell and Steve. He is glamoured and leads them to the faerie portal in the field. The elder comes to fight Russell. He is too fast for her magic and she hits Jason sending him into a tree. Russell drinks from the elder turning her into faerie dust. Her blood allows him to see the portal and the frightened faeries watching in horror. Russell is happy to have found an all you can eat faerie buffet.



Pam’s in deep.
After cleaning up Elijah, Pam let’s Tara know she is pissed. She explains how much trouble they are in. Jessica shows up and asks Pam to hide her. Of course Pam is less than willing to help out. Jessica has something she knows Pam wants, she knows where Eric is. Pam allows Jessica to stay once she finds out Eric’s whereabouts. Later that night Rosalyn comes into Fangtasia looking for her progeny Elijah. Tara knows they’re in trouble and tries to lie. Rosalyn can smell his blood on her. Pam steps in and admits to killing the sheriff. Guards quickly storm the bar and take Pam into custody. Pam is going to be very unhappy when she finds out Eric is no longer at Authority head quarters. Rosalyn finds Jessica and returns her to her maker. Bill is irate when he finds out Jessica has chose a human and defied his orders.


Kelly Valentine
Written by Kelly Valentine

Kelly Valentine discovered True Blood during S4, but quickly caught up on seasons 1-3 and her favorite sups are the vampires. She works with special needs children in an elementary school in Maryland. Her passions are photography and writing.

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  1. Avatar
    August 21, 2012

    I watched the episode 3 times as well and my head is still spinning.
    A couple of things that caught my eye.

    What a bad luck that Elijah was Rosalyn’s progeny, Pam sacrifices herself for Tara. Those 2 are ready growing closer.

    Very impressed by the Jessica/Jason scene, so glad that Jason did get the message in the end and killed the guards. Jason has become one of my favorite characters, I just want to hug the boy.

    Oh and about the Eric fans who mocked Bill’s lack of foreplay…. Eric gets right to the point as well. So it must be a vampire thing LOL.

    The Elder was the only faerie that wasn’t British? She wasn’t very smart though.

    Love the two mice Sam and Luna who are going to the rescue.

    All my thoughts about Bill can be found on


    • Avatar
      August 22, 2012

      I don’t think Pam sacrifices herself for Tara. Pam would only let Jessica seek sanctuary at Fangtasia AFTER she told Pam that she knew where Eric was.

      The only way into to Authority headquarters for Pam was to be taken prisoner since she didn’t know where HQ was. By being taken prisoner to HQ, she then would be at the same place Jessica had told her where Eric was.

      Jessica has left or was sent away to get Jason by Bill BEFORE Eric killed the General and was able to escape. Jessica did not know Eric had left.

      Pam is going in to get Eric.

      Pam ALSO ordered TARA to never speak of Elijah’s Death. So even if Tara was taken prisoner she could never tell any information about his death because Pam (as her Maker) ordered her not too.


  2. Avatar
    August 21, 2012

    Thanks for your post and thoughts. It was a busy / crazy episode. I can’t believe Sunday is the end for another year. Okay, my thoughts. Pam thinks that Eric is at headquarters, so she gives herself up to find Eric. I loved how the music changed when Jessica said she knew where Eric was. I want to see the dynamic between Eric, Pam, and Tara. Bill, shaking head, I don’t know what is goign on. why doesn’t he drink? Is that his humanity? Who knows? Why hasn’t Lillith come to Nora or Rosalyn? It feels like someone is pulling the strings. Maybe Warlow? It would take someone who could invade the minds of vampires. Just a thought. Was anyone else completely disappointed by the Elder? Really. Why must the show always screw them up? I’m thinking that Warlow will come to save Sookie, now that they have the mind-link, or whatever that was. Maybe she’ll be given the choice to go with him and save everyone. Which Sookie would do, which would be the cliff hangar.

    Oh, one more thought. I hated seeing Bill acting that way with Jessica. She had an abusive father, and Bill has been such a great dad to her. It was sad.


  3. Avatar
    August 21, 2012

    Well done, Kelly. It was a wild and crazy episode. Bill has gone off the deep end. I hated his treatment of Jessica. I hope someone (maybe Sookie) or something can snap him out of his Lilith worship, and return him to the mainstreamer we know and love. I had thought that Lilith was a mass hallucination, but the blood on Bill’s lips and the bloody hand prints on the glass containing the vial say otherwise. I don’t understand why Lilith is pitting the chancellors against one another (“I choose you, I choose you”). You’d think she would want to keep her disciples united. The Jason-Sookie scenes were sweet. It’s good to see their sibling love for one another. Jessica and Jason made a great team, taking out the security guards. Jason was hopelessly glamored by Russell, and led him and Steve to the fairy location.

    I thought the Elder Fairy really wacko. Must have been the result of her time travel and all those frequencies bouncing around in her head. The dancing and the musical quiz were bizarre. Just as she’s about to give Sookie some information on Warlow, Jason arrives to warn Sookie and the fae that Russell is on his way. Sadly, the Elder didn’t last long against Russell. Now the fairy club is open and exposed, and Russell wants dinner.

    We learned that Rosalyn was Elijah’s maker. Pam takes the blame for the sheriff’s death and is hauled off to the Authority complex. Sam and Luna, alternately white mice and naked humans, are hunting for Emma. Oops, the guards catch them au natural. Luna is locked up with the humans who are future meals for the vampires, while Sam volunteers to be Chancellor Compton’s breakfast.

    Two wars are brewing … first, the one between vampires and humans. Eric snapped the general’s neck. Uh oh. There’s trouble. Eric and Nora leave to do some extensive glamoring. Their move is really an excuse to escape the Authority complex (Nora’s disavowal of Lilith seemed awfully fast). After Eric offs the security guards, the couple becomes airborne. Where are they headed? The second war … Mirella tells Andy that he dishonored her and her clan by disregarding the light pact they made together. So … this means war. Humans and fairies squaring off? Perhaps this will take place in Season 6.

    Looks to be an explosive finale. I’m wondering how many will survive episode 12.


    • Avatar
      August 22, 2012

      Lilith is pitting her disciples against each other, because she wants the Strongest, most conning, and most ferocious vampire to win and lead all Vampires.

      The Elder Sucked.


  4. Avatar
    August 21, 2012

    Hi Everybody,

    Last Sunday’s episode was nuts and it seems that everybody’s world is crumbling and they are trying to figure out to set the wrong’s to right’s in their lifes and their loved ones too. I still think this whole lilith religious thing is a bunch of bull s. and I don’t know how or if any other of their sane vampires know how their race was created. But, the whole vampire authority is going down the drain and it’s infecting everybody’s lifes and it needs to stop and I still think this lilith business is still a hallucination because of some blood in that glass vile. And I hope everybody can be saved from this whole disaster, especialy Bill, other vampires and sookie,jason,alcide,luna,sam,emma too. Well talk to you all later.

    Sincerely, Cristen Stimple


  5. Avatar
    August 21, 2012

    I think the episode was very good but busy. Bill has totally gone off the deep end. They are spending a lot of time on the vampires in the last couple of episodes. We haven’t really seen Alcide, Arlene, Terry, Lafayette, or for that matter, Sam and Luna. As much as I like Denis O’Hare and think he is an amazing actor, I think Russell Edgington needs to go. His storyline has gone on for too long. I hope he does not come back next season. I am still very upset about Jim Parrick’s role being cut out. Instead of him, they should have cut the Arlene/Terry storyline which I thought was silly this season. I thought Bill hitting Jessica that way was awful. I don’t think they should have written it like that. I hope a real loving relationship develops between Pam and Tara. I am loving Tara as a vampire. That is the best thing they could have done with her character. I don’t think this season has been a good one for Sookie. As star of the show, Anna has not been in as many scenes as in prior years. (Maybe due to her pregnancy) I think Eric is going to save the day in the end but we’ll see. Can’t wait for Sunday!


  6. Avatar
    August 21, 2012

    Nice review Kelly for a bit of a herky jerky episode.

    Nice to see things are back to normal for Arlene and Terry. Lafayette is back to his sassy self as well. He’s a bitch , he ain’t no snitch. ;)

    Just when things are looking promising for Andy and Holly, in walks his baby mama Maurella. The shortest gestation ever. I wonder if their births are fast with light bursting forth with bells tinkling and rainbows?

    It’s an all girl sleepover at Fantasia. BYOF = bring your own fangbanger. A little bonding and comparing notes on makers.

    Yes!!! Sam and Luna find Emma. Now how to get the hell out of there?
    Pam in lock up wondering who the hell is Luna? :)

    Jason has really stepped it up to serve and protect as a police officer to the town and big brother to Sookie. So pleased he picked up on Jessica’s subtle hints and that he has not been turned. I think with all that happened Jason is finally growing up but will always be sweet and a bit clueless. Steve, Jason and Russell too funny .
    Sookie and Jason have been great together. Gran would be so proud.

    Nora did a quick turn about and she and Eric have literally flown the cuckoo’s nest. I suppose having Godric as their mutual touchstone made the difference and enabled them to snap out of it. Lucky for them. Poor Bill had no such luck with his maker. I do admit I miss Lorena and hope to see her again.
    The sex scene was odd to me but finally someone that has that type of chemistry with Eric.
    Of course Eric must back for Pam.

    ♪ War what is it good for ? Absolutely nothing, say it again, good god War … ♪

    Eric killing the general may have set the wheels of war in motion. The Pentagon is prepared to strike. Roman really did maintain order and vampires need that because of their very nature. With the Authority in shambles, who will rein in the vamps and broker peace with humans?

    I am so over Lilith looking like she was dipped in after birth as Pam would say. The chancellors are falling like dominoes. Salome next please.
    I am sorry Kibwe ended up being a devotee of Lilith because he would have made a good successor to Roman.
    He has great screen presence and a good actor , imo he was under used.

    The real Bill will reemerge once he is away from the nest and that dammed crazy crack blood. He must make amends to his child. I’ll have to write him up for a VUI, Vamping Under the Influence. See me about paying the fine Bill. I am sure we can arrange something.

    On to the Fae. That dippy chick was an exalted elder? Seemed more like a new age space cadet to me. I doubt she could land on any frequency.
    No wonder the fae must remain hidden , they are like sitting ducks. Over all I am unimpressed with the Fae with the exception of Claudine.
    She seemed more powerful than the elder. None of them seem that bright and I am not speaking of their light. After all even Claudine arrived at Sookie’s( vamp grand central) after dark and ended up being drained by Eric. How they will deal with russell and warlow I have no idea.
    Maybe they could have a dance off but then again some vampires can dance just as well . LOL

    Winter is coming oh sorry wrong show , Warlow is coming . I think we will get just enough of him to leave us hanging til next season.

    I hate the seaon is coming to an end but bring on the finale. Can’t wait to see what AB’s swan song will be.


  7. Avatar
    August 22, 2012

    Up until Bill hit Jessica, I still had an inkling of hope that he was playing a game to bring down the Authority. That inkling is now gone. As is Bill. And I hate it. I want to bitchslap him sooo bad right now. I know that he is drunk on blood and Lilith has him in her clutches, and Stephen is killin’ it acting-wise, but this is so hard to watch. I want it to be over. I want my Bill back!!!

    Loved Jason and Jessica duping the Authority guards. Smart girl, defying her maker. She knew it was wrong.

    Sookie and Jason’s scene continue to be awesome.

    Uh oh, Andy. Holly will be none too pleased when she learns of Maurella being with Andy. Not to mention her boys. Wonder what Andy will do about the whole situation?

    I thought it was great to see Pam take the rap for killing the Chris Angel wannabe sheriff.

    Laffy’s line “I’m a bitch not a snitch” had me lol’ing.

    Alcide is impressive when he’s shirtless and digging holes. When he talks? Not so much. But, it was nice to see Terminator come to his rescue.

    Nora’s switching sides was nice and quick, but I’m glad she came to her senses. Now, if only she can help Eric out and get Bill away from this mess. I like Nora and Eric. I’m really hoping they’ll save the day. Who would have thought that I’d be rooting for Eric!!

    Sam and Luna continue to entertain me. Poor Sam. He thinks going to Bill will be a cakewalk. Little does he know……..

    The scene with Steve, Russell, and Jason was awesome.

    The elder was completely unnecessary, considering how quickly she was dispatched by Russell. He is gonna be off the hook, being so drunk on powerful fae blood. It’s only gonna make him more frightening. I fear for the fae.

    Everytime I see Claude, I see Orlando Bloom. Just sayin’.

    So Lilith is making all the chancellor’s turn against each other? What is her plan? Whatever it is, it makes me head hurt.

    This episode was insane. Good grief, I think we may need lots and lots of alcohol for the finale. I’m a feared.


  8. Avatar
    August 22, 2012

    I want my mainstreaming Bill back!
    Bill stop acting like an a$$, because that’s exactly what you’ve turned into when you smacked Jessica, your sweet progeny, across the room – you turned into her hatefull religious fanatic abusive di*k of a dad.

    Thanks Kelly for your Random Thoughts, this week was a tough one but your words are great.

    My other highlights or lowlights are: I too like many was put off by non-British accent (I noticed too Shad) Elder fae. I will stop here and just say Sookie was great while the Elder – WTF just happened?!

    Andy and Mirella’s one week baby is just perfect timing…..

    Jason is being the man he was meant to be….Jessica has chemistry with Jason too.

    Jessica and Tara – I feel for them as baby vamps living in the modern world and they are coming to the realization that vampires have this medieval governing system that just makes no real time sense. Being a vampire isn’t all perks!

    Eric and Nora and Pam – I am happy for the sibling reconciliation, but more skin during sexy time would have made me happier…. all this is leaving me worried where is Pam going to fit into this handsome twosome once she gets out of vamp jail?

    Russell is being his usual self and he pulled a fast one on the non-British WTF fae Elder who is no more. I just know Warlow will have to step in and protect Sookie, because she is his but to do what with we do not know yet. Let the battle begin.


    • Avatar
      August 26, 2012

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading my article. I can’t wait to watch the finale tonight and write my last Random Thoughts for the season.



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