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Report on Sam Trammell’s visit home

Report on Sam Trammell’s visit home


Reported by the Charleston Gazette, Sam Trammell of HBO’s “True Blood,” was at the West Virginia Culture Center in Charleston, W. Va. on Friday, 10/30  as part of the HallowEast celebration.

Sam Trammell had a word of advice for aspiring actors Friday night: Act.

Appearing at an “Inside the Main Street Studio” gathering at the Kanawha Players Theater, Trammell said little successes, regardless of the role, are the most important for an actor’s career development, and also are the most exciting.

Trammell is a George Washington High School grad who had little interest in acting until his senior year at Brown University. While attending GW, his creative interest was music.

Once the acting bug bit, though, Trammell turned his back on graduate school, packed his bags and headed to New York City, where he spent time doing menial jobs while doggedly seeking work to satisfy his new found passion.

The Tony-nominated actor landed a variety of roles, but is now best known as Sam Merlotte, a “shapeshifter” – changing from animal to man and back again – in the supernatural drama series that has pulled in ratings second only to “The Sopranos” on HBO.

Trammell was in town as the honored guest of the East End Main Street “HallowEast” celebration. Patterned after the popular Bravo show “Inside the Actors Studio,” Trammell’s appearance Friday featured an interview by David Wohl, dean of arts and humanities at West Virginia State University.

Wohl probed Trammell’s thoughts on the actor’s craft, methods and techniques. Trammell said the voice and movement classes he took were essential to his development. “You simply can’t do theater without them,” he said.

Audience members, some of whom came from out-of-state after learning of Trammell’s appearance from the “True Blood” Web site, questioned him about his experiences on Broadway and sought to gain insight about what to expect in the coming season. The actor was predictably discreet.

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    November 02, 2009

    Love Sam Trammell! He is such a relaxed and thoughtful guy. Can’t wait to S3, to see what happens with his real parents. Sounds like he had a good visit home!


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