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Ryan Kwanten – 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Ryan Kwanten – 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

After reading through the list below, I now realize that there really is a lot I don’t know about Ryan Kwanten. So, I’m glad that Ryan shared his list with

1. My mum beat breast cancer. Everyone, in some way, has been touched by cancer. Please help any way you can.
2. I find it hard to trust anyone who doesn’t like animals.
3. My favorite yoga pose is Scorpion.
4. Best advice: a day at a time.
5. Worst advice: 1) Turn here, I know a shortcut. 2) Just touch it.
6. A woman’s body is the most exquisite gift. A woman’s mind is a mystery.
7. I’ve broken many a bone, including every knuckle on my right hand.
8. I believe what Muhammad Ali said: “Champions…have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.”
9. I could only hope to be half the man my dad is.
10. I avoid pompous people and microwaves.
11. Whenever people agree with me, I always feel like I must be wrong.
12. I am yet to be defeated in Scrabble and beer pong.
13. You can find me at
14. The harder I work, the luckier I get.
15. Nothing beats fresh air.
16. I call my brothers “Tenoskipoo” and “Goo.”
17. Foster’s is not Australian for beer. And the guy in the Outback Steakhouse ads is not Australian.
18. I have no formal acting training.
19. I wear a size-30 jean. Jason Stackhouse wears a size 28. Boy likes ’em tight.
20. I’ve never stayed awake for a musical.
21. Favorite movie characters: Butch Cassidy, Martin Riggs, Andrew Beckett.
22. I always misspell definitely.
23. I’ve been bitten by a shark.
24. I love odd numbers. Ironic this is No. 24.
25. I’m still growing into my shoes.


Written by Lynnpd

Lynnpd has an avid interest in the entertainment industry from classic movies to all things True Blood. With a background in art, she enjoys creating in Photoshop, running web sites and finds the internet an exciting place to be. Lynn lives in the LA area and attends as many Hollywood related events as she can. She has covered events for the both websites in the LA area; read all about it at

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  1. Avatar
    September 08, 2010

    Most interesting list. I now have a better acquaintance with Ryan Kwanten. Thanks, Lynn. Great find.


  2. Avatar
    September 09, 2010

    I agree we know very little about Ryan. This list is a good start to becoming better acquainted. Thanks Lynn.


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