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Ryan Kwanten Is A Reason To Be Excited About Knights of Badassdom

Ryan Kwanten Is A Reason To Be Excited About Knights of Badassdom

Although there have been no posters or trailers yet for Ryan Kwanten’s new film, Knights of Badassdom, (the kind of things that normally get people excited) anticipation is beginning to build around this film. have posted the five top reasons to be excited to see this film.

While not posting the entire list here, we wanted you to know that one of the top five reasons they listed was “the cast” and specifically, True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten which was listed as #4 on their list.

A mere taste (a smidge if you will) of some of the evening’s set-dressing…
and this was just at the “head” of the night (ZING).
photo credit: joe lynch’s blog

Below is the description they listed for the cast:

Lynch has assembled a great cast for Knights of Badassdom, with Summer Glau, Steve Zahn, Ryan Kwanten and Peter Dinklage all confirmed. Although there’s no information on the roles that each actor has in the film the list of actors is a pretty interesting selection.

Steve Zahn has had a recent peak in his career thanks to appearing as a recurring character in David Simon’s Treme and is a really solid and likeable actor.

Ryan Kwanten seems to be destined to be a star with his popular performance in TV series True Blood and his fantastic performance in Red Hill and after the latter in particular I’m really looking forward to seeing what Kwanten does next.

Peter Dinklage is an intelligent actor who seems to have a great eye for picking interesting films and this could be one of them.

To see the other reasons to see this film go to:

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    September 08, 2010

    I’d see it for Ryan alone.


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