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Ryan Kwanten Kicking Back At 2012 Sundance Film Festival

Ryan Kwanten Kicking Back At 2012 Sundance Film Festival

True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten said hello to “Extra” from the Oakley “Learn to Ride” event, powered by AT&T and the League of Super Fast Things. Ryan has been kicking back at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, just being a participant and having a good time.

Kwanten, along with funnyman Justin Long, decided to hit the mountain and brave the blizzard. Other celebs spotted hitting up Oakley included Anne Heche, Aaron Paul, Laura Prepon, Andie McDowell and Sal Masakela.


In the video below see a brief interview with Ryan and then watch him skiing on the slopes.




Written by Lynnpd

Lynnpd has an avid interest in the entertainment industry from classic movies to all things True Blood. With a background in art, she enjoys creating in Photoshop, running web sites and finds the internet an exciting place to be. Lynn lives in the LA area and attends as many Hollywood related events as she can. She has covered events for the both websites in the LA area; read all about it at

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  1. Avatar
    January 24, 2012

    Good to hear from Ryan and see the skiing video. “Expect the unexpected” from True Blood. Isn’t that the truth!

    I’m glad he’s enjoying his time at Sundance.


  2. Avatar
    January 24, 2012

    Cool vid. A longer interview than the usual 30secs we’re used to!


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