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EJ Scott interviews True Blood’s Chris Bauer

EJ Scott interviews True Blood’s Chris Bauer

EJ Scott, which everyone knows as the boyfriend of Deborah Ann Woll, has a podcast where he interviews various celebrities and interesting people. Below is the latest “Scratch the Surface” EJ Podcast. In this podcast, EJ interviews True Blood’s, Chris Bauer. 

I enjoyed listening to the discussion between the two men so much and I learned some great things in this interview about Chris. For example, did you know his real first name is “Mark?”


EJ Scott with True Blood’s Chris Bauer

EJ Says: Chris Bauer has an acting resume as long as my arm. He’s worked with some of the greatest actors and directors that there is. But all that aside, Chris Bauer is a very interesting, thoughtful, deep and complex guy. We talk about:

  • His strict Catholic upbringing.
  • How he started acting in commercials at the age of 3.
  • His 3 month long planned proposal to his now wife and how he tried talking her out of it immediately after.
  • How True Blood has become an experiment in sociology.
  • How he cursed at Woody Allen during the filming of “Deconstructing Harry” on camera.
  • His take on improv and getting shirtless for an audience.
  • Getting naked on True Blood
  • His struggle with his weight.
  • What Howard Stern thinks of him.
  • Working with Bill Murray.
  • His first meeting with Alan Ball and how that lead to his role as Sheriff Andy Bellefleur on HBO’s TRUE BLOOD.
  • And so much more!!

We laughed a lot. Had some deep moments. I hope you listen, like and share. Thanks!!

Listen and Enjoy.

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