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EJ Scott New Podcast with girlfriend Deborah Ann Woll

EJ Scott New Podcast with girlfriend Deborah Ann Woll

EJ Scott interviewed his girlfriend, Deborah Ann Woll again, in early May for his “Scratch the Surface” podcast.  While Deborah Ann is best known to True Blood fans as the vampire, Jessica Hamby, she now stars as the very human, Karen Page on Marvel’s Daredevil series which is currently airing on Netflix.


Deborah Ann Woll and EJ Scott at the Daredevil Premiere in Los Angeles.

Ej and Deborah Ann talk in depth about:

  • her role as Karen,
  • how she got the part,
  • how she almost couldn’t do it because of True Blood conflicts,
  • her process as an actor,
  • how she approaches a role,
  • specific scenes of the series,
  • why she doesn’t watch her self anymore
  • and so much more!!!



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