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Stephen Moyer can’t get away from wearing fake teeth

Stephen Moyer can’t get away from wearing fake teeth

True Blood’s Bill Compton, Stephen Moyer is soon to also be known as the medieval chamberlain with grand political aspirations, Milus Corbett in The Bastard Executioner.

Yesterday, he and several others from the show attended the TCA15 Panel in Los Angeles and one of the funny stories that came out during the discussion is about Stephen having to wear fake teeth.

As a 14th century chamberlain, it seems like Stephen’s new role could not be more different than the campy HBO hit . . . though Moyer discovered there was one unpleasant thing he just couldn’t get away from: the teeth. For the time period, all the actors have to wear teeth casts on their top and bottom teeth, and after showrunner Kurt Sutter joked that we shouldn’t ask Moyer about the dirty teeth of the 14th century Welsh setting, Moyer chimed in. “After seven years of wearing fangs, I didn’t think that I was going to be coming on to a show that had teeth casts! But every motherf*cker did,” he lamented. Costar Katey Sagal added, “they’re very uncomfortable,” but “you get used to it.

Moyer isn’t too upset, though, saying he respected the aesthetic choice and that he wouldn’t want the show to be “criticized for something as stupid as shiny teeth . . . you want to not be thinking about little tiny details that could have been better,” he added.

The show’s premiere is set for FX September 15, 2015.

Below are some of the photos from the Bastard Executioner Panel at the TCA15 of Stephen Moyer and his fellow panel members, Writer/Executive Producer, Kurt Sutter, Executive Producer Brian Grazer, Executive Producer/Director Paris Barclay, and actors, Lee Jones, Stephen Moyer and Katey Sagal.  We have lots more photos in the photo gallery at the link below the photos.




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