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Tara Buck Talks Ginger’s Back Story

Tara Buck Talks Ginger’s Back Story

704-3Tara Buck, (Ginger) has been made a series regular finally and she spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about Ginger’s story arc in the latest Season when the latest episode of True Blood’s flashback-heavy final season delved into the origin of Fangtasia — and its dim-witted barmaid, Ginger (Tara Buck).
You really get her infatuation with Eric” in this season, she says. “It is something she has spent her life on every day, from morning to night, some day having either a sexual encounter or at least being validated in some way by him. I think that becomes her sole mission in life.”

Read part of the interview with Tara below:

Is this the backstory you anticipated for this character?
Not in that detail. It’s definitely more fun and fantastic than I imagined. I’d always known that Ginger was this small-town southern girl who came from nothing, who had big dreams and wanted an adventurous, exciting life, and yet she’s surrounded by a bunch of rednecks. I think that core of it I always associated with her relationship with Pam and Eric, and specifically Eric. She was a groupie, and Eric was Mick Jagger. She would follow him and do whatever just so she could live in the overflow of his glorious life. And in a strange way, that’s exactly what happened. She goes to this little video store an hour away from Shreveport on her big adventure, and she might as well have gone to Europe. I don’t think she ever returns home — she never looks back.

Will this season take Ginger into darker territory?
No. (Laughs.) I think you could expect that what she’s going through is dark and sad — and hopefully the outcome for the audience is anything but. I hope it will be light and hilarious. I can’t take her too seriously. As an actress, I take her seriously, but as a character, I think she’s supposed to be fun.

And will it include just as much screaming?
Absolutely. I think I can safely say it will continue to evolve, and you will see the many colors of Ginger’s scream. It will not be a repeat of previous screaming. Ginger shows all of her emotions through a scream, and you will see the various feelings going on with her.
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    I am so looking forward to the rest of Ginger’s story.  Her back story was a treat, and one of the highlights of episode 4 for me.


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