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Translation of interview with Alan Hyde from Ekko Magazine

Translation of interview with Alan Hyde from Ekko Magazine

Here’s an interview with Allan Hyde from Ekko Magazine, a magazine published in Denmark. We learn from Allan about his experience in getting the part in True Blood and how he felt home sick while in LA, which was such a different experience for the 19 year old. We thank for allowing us to reproduce it here.  This interview is from May 2009 and below is the translation done by Louise Vølund Bjerrisgaard.

The 19 year old Danish actor, Allan Hyde, has a leading role in the American cult show True Blood. He’s hoping that it will lead to more international parts.

A visibly tired, but happy Allan Hyde enters the screen. He waves.

EKKO is skyping him from Hollywood, he’s just gotten home from shooting the vampire television show True Blood, a show by Alan Ball, who is behind major success American Beauty and the cult show Six Feet Under.

Alan Ball is fantastic. Very approachable, and very cool. He’s been on the set three or four times, and it really seems like he’s passionate about True Blood. He’s one of those people where you just can’t help but think; ‘Is it really little you, who’s such a genius?’ Because he’s just so down to earth,” Allan Hyde says.

In spite of being only 19, Allan is not inexperienced. Since his early teens he’s down voice overs for a true ocean of Danish versions of international animation and children movies.

For example,  it’s Allan’s voice comming out of Ron Weasley’s mouth, Harry Potters red-head friend, who always lands himself in trouble.

He has also participated in several theater plays, and in 2008 he played the part of the young sensitive punk boy, who falls in love with the most beautifull girl in his class, in Hella Joof’s tv show Album.

And last year he delivered a mind blowing performance in Christian Tafdrup’s short movie “En forelskelse”, where he playes the 16 year old Carsten, who falls in love whith his best friends dad.

Vampire with tattoos

But now Allan Hyde has gone to Hollywood, where he’s playing the part as the tattooed vampire Godric, one of the leads for second season of True Blood.

His days are more like nights. Because of the well known fact, that vampires only come out at night, and many scenes therefore have to be shot at night. Allan is the first actor on set.

My character has a whole bunch of tattoos, and it takes a hell of a time to get it all on,” he says

The HBO production True Blood, is a much bigger caliber show, than Allan Hyde is used to. And it has been quiet an experience to see how many people there is on such a production.

If I’m just standing around on set, there’ll be ten people with jackets and all sorts of things. Okay, they don’t want me to get cold, but then they begin shouting. “Hey, get Allans chair here,” and then you better sit down, cause you don’t wanna offend anybody.”

Language barriers

The first scene Allan had to shoot, he was very nervous, and his heart was pounding in his chest. But he’s over that now. When he’s in front of the camera, it’s not so different than being in Denmark.

All for one exception. The language. His character is Scandinavian, and because of that, Allan is not supposed to change his accent. But it is a factor he has to be aware of though.

I have to read through my lines at least twice, otherwise I’ll stumble over words,” Allan says.

Even though the accent is fine for the vampire show, it limits his possibilities for landing other roles in America. So now he has hired a dialect coach.

I’ve just decided today. Of course I’ll still be interested in Danish parts, but I really wanna try to make it internationally now. The episodes I’m in will be aired in july and august over here. I’ve gotten myself an agent, and I want to be ready for the auditions, that will show up afterwards.” the 19 year old actor says.

True Blood is a cult show

In True Blood, vampires is part of society, and they function as an algorithem for the suppressed groups of society. The nightly bloodsuckers are extremely popular in America, and True Blood is no exception.

800 fans from all over America, showed up to ask the actors questions in a cinema. They each payed 1000 dollars in entry. Allan Hyde has yet to feel the enormous hype around the show: “I can’t tell anybody about my part, so people don’t know who I am yet.

Luxury suite and private car

It all began three months ago. Allan Hyde was on a ski vacation in France, when he got a call from the agency, Team Players.

When Laura Faurschou and Sten Hassing Moeller from the agency had been to the movie festival in Berlin that spring, they’d received a call from a caster in America. They where having trouble finding an actor to play the Scandinavian vampire Godric.

Originally they asked for a older actor, but they didn’t think he was appropriate for the part of a 3000 year old teenager. They had seen Allan Hyde in En forelskelse, and thought he’d be perfect for the part.

A test shot was made and sent to America. After a few days Allan got a new phone call.

I was in school, when Sten called me. He said  ‘Allan, how far are you from our office? I think you’d better come by now, they mean business.’ and after that everything has gone very fast,” Allan Hyde explains.

Even though Allan only had a couple of months to go in 3.g, school got dropped, and he flew to Los Angeles. Here he was set up in a luxury suite and with his own car.

They take care of everything. We got a really good deal. But it feels a little weird, there’s no law of jante over here.” he says.

Going to a formal as a cardboard figure

In the middle of all that luxury Allan Hyde can get a little bit home sick, cause he doesn’t know many people in L.A. He misses his family and friends from school, who are working hard on exams home in Denmark.

They really understood why I did this. People has been very happy for me,” Allan Hyde says.

He missed out on his graduation formal gala in 3.g, and that was something he and his friends had been planning since they had started.

I had already bought a tux to wear, everything was ready. So before I left, I got all dressed up in the nice clothes, and made myself hot. Then I held a big white canvas in front of me, and my dad took a picture. My class mates had a 1:1 cardboard figure made out of that picture, and on the canvas they wrote: ‘Allan would rather be in Hollywood and be a star.’,” Allan says, and continues: “Tine went to the dance with a cardboard figure, and I got a description of my night on facebook: ‘You arrived in a soap-box car, and before dinner you where passed out on the sofa, but you came back, and danced like a maniac all night long,” Allan Hyde says.


Translation courtesy of Louise Vølund Bjerrisgaard

Written by Lynnpd

Lynnpd has an avid interest in the entertainment industry from classic movies to all things True Blood. With a background in art, she enjoys creating in Photoshop, running web sites and finds the internet an exciting place to be. Lynn lives in the LA area and attends as many Hollywood related events as she can. She has covered events for the both websites in the LA area; read all about it at

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    February 13, 2010

    Thanks, Lynn, for posting. Lovely to get Allan’s thoughts on appearing in True Blood, working with Alan Ball and what it was like to be whisked off to the states. I loved the part about his cardboard cut out figure attending his graduation gala. He’s such a nice young man … and extremely talented as well. I look forward to his return in Season 3.


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    February 13, 2010

    That was a fantastic interview! Allan Hyde is amazing. I hope really big things are coming his way, he deserves every success. Such a sweet and talented guy.


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    February 13, 2010

    What an adorable young man! “I made myself look hot!”. What did he mean he was the voice of Ron Beasley in Harry Potter? What voice??/


  4. Avatar
    February 14, 2010

    What a charming young man. I wish him a long and successful career ahead.


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    February 16, 2010

    I think this young man is very gifted and I wish him the best. I hope I get to see him in other things good luck Allan you are very cute.


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