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True Blood comes out to support Sam Trammell’s “Aftermath”

True Blood comes out to support Sam Trammell’s “Aftermath”

Last Sunday night, Sam Trammell’s film “The Aftermath” premiered at the TLC Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Sam is said to be just amazing in the film so be sure to get out and see it while it’s in the theaters.

Several of Sam’s True Blood friends attended the event, as you can see in the photo below shared here, courtesy of ChrisBauerfans on Twitter. 


Also, other friends of Sam’s came to join in and congratulate him at the event including his girlfriend Missy Yager and his long time surfing buddy, Mad Men’s John Slattery.

photo source: ChrisBauerfans on Twitter.

Written by Lynnpd

Lynnpd has an avid interest in the entertainment industry from classic movies to all things True Blood. With a background in art, she enjoys creating in Photoshop, running web sites and finds the internet an exciting place to be. Lynn lives in the LA area and attends as many Hollywood related events as she can. She has covered events for the both websites in the LA area; read all about it at

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  1. Avatar
    June 05, 2015

    What a wonderful outpouring of support for Sam.  Big congratulations to him!  I will be on the lookout for “The Aftermath.”  However, my small town does not always offer the films that I want to see.  Fingers crossed that this one comes my way.


  2. Avatar
    June 06, 2015

    I will certainly be looking for this film when it comes out. I like the premise of the story and I think Sam will be excellent in it. I just hope it comes to the UK.


  3. Avatar
    June 12, 2015

    A great show of support for Sam and his film “Aftermath” which I too will be looking for; nice to see his True Blood family is there for him.


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