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True Blood Season 5 Episode Guide

True Blood Season 5 Episode Guide

The True Blood Season 5 Episode Guide offers you the complete overview of all the episodes, including a page for each episode, casting information, the best quotes of the season and episode reviews for True Blood.

Season 5 shooting is scheduled to begin in late  November or early December, 2011 and the season should premiere on HBO sometime in late June, 2012.

Make your choice from the menu:

  • Episode list: this page contains the episode titles, synopsizes, writers, directors information and music speculation
  • Casting information: casting calls and new cast members
  • Casting Calls –  Calls requesting interested actors to apply for new characters to be included in True Blood’s Season 5.
  • Castings – List (with photos, if possible) of actors chosen from the casting calls.
  • Spoilers: this page contains all spoilers revealed before and during the airing of Season 5.
  • Music This page contains music featured in Season 5 by episode.  There are links next to each song for both Amazon and ITunes to download mp3 versions of each song that is available.

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 Sadly, there are no episode guides for Seasons 1 & 2 but we’re considering creating them. If you’d like to see them here, please comment below.