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Music for True Blood Season 5

Music for True Blood Season 5


Music For True Blood Season 5

True Blood is known for including excellent music to go along with the story.  The music is all handpicked by music supervisor Gary Calamar who also consults with the writers and Creative and Executive Producer, Alan Ball. Gary has turned  lots of fans on to great music that may never have been heard before.  If you prefer, you can purchase the official True Blood Soundtrack CD’s.  There are currently 3 volumes which include music from all the current seasons as well as two seasons of Nathan Barr’s lovely background music. Click on the links below to purchase each CD.

At Amazon

At ITunes

At ITunes

Below is a list of the individual songs that are featured in each episode of True Blood Season 5 below. Many of these will not make it to the True Blood official Music CD’s. Therefore, if available we have also provided links so you can easily click to purchase your favorites at both Amazon and/or ITunes. Enjoy!

Episode 5.12 – Save Yourselft
by Brick
Amazon itunes
“Save YourSelf
by Stabbing Westward
Amazon itunes
Episode 5.11 – Sunset
Introitus Requiem
by Crucial Music
Amazon itunes
“Cars, Bars and
by The Go Getters
“Little Girl
Wantered Off”
by Derrick Stout
“Rodeo Queen”
by Gayle Lynn
Amazon itunes
Not Another Song
about California”
by Grant Langston
Amazon itunes
“What Makes A
Good Man”
by The Heavy
Amazon itunes
by Stevie Wonder
Amazon itunes
Like Lave
by Eros & Evans
Episode 5.10 – Gone, Gone, Gone
Bread and Wzter by Caroline Horn Amazon itunes
Teenage Dream”
by Katy Perry
Amazon itunes
“Gone, Gone, Gone”
by Carl Perkins
Amazon itunes
“Super Tripper”
by Circuit Freq
Amazon itunes
“Growing Up Too Slow”
by The Quick Hellos
Amazon itunes
Need a Little Help
by Cree Rider
Amazon itunes
Heavens to Murgatroid”
by Acumen Nation
Amazon itunes
You Know, I Know”
by John Lee Hooker
Amazon itunes
Episode 5.09 – Everybody Wants To Rule The World
“Fake Blood”
by Pezzner

First One in The Car
by The WallFlowers
Ain’t Life Hell
by Hank Cochran & Willie Nelson
Miss McCloud’s Reel
Courtesy of APM Music Library
Square Dance
Courtesy of APM Music Library
by Losers
Walk to Georgia
by Grant Langston
Amazon itunes
Everybody Wants To Rule The World
by Care Bears on Fire
Amazon itunes
Episode 5.08 – Somebody That I Used to Know
Beneath Contempt
by Fresh Field

“Smokestack Lighting”
by Howlin Wolf
Amazon itunes
“Die Slow”
by Health
Amazon itunes
“Somebody That I Used To KNow”
by Elliott Smith
Amazon itunes
Episode 5.07 – In The Beginning
“I Can’t Help Fallin in Love” by Willie Aron and Joey Peters
“Nobody Nowhere”
by The Jezabels
Amazon itunes
“You Light Up My Life”
by Willie Aron and Joey Peters
“In the Beginning”
by K’Naan
Amazon itunes
Episode 5.06– Hopeless
Broken Bodies
by Acumen Nation
“Partners in Crime”
by Crime Doozy
“Say Goodnight”
by Five 3
Amazon itunes
“Slow Movin Man”
by The Chillun
“Gaz Hilarant”
by Brian Jonestown Massacre
Amazon itunes
“Reaching for Salvation”
by Sugaray
by Orb Mellon
Amazon itunes
Got it (What U Need)
by Galactic
Episode 5.05– Let’s Boot and Rally
Let’s Make Santa
Clause Happy

Echo and the Bunnyman
“Undertow (NIC) Remix”
Let’s Boot And Rally
Iggy Pop with Bethany Cosentino
Amazon itunes
Episode 5.04 – We’ll Meet Again
Whine, Whine, Whine” byTeresa James Amazon itunes
“Pocket Change”
by Alabama Shakes
“Lines on the Road”
by Kristin Diable
“Move On Down the Road”
by Sugaray
“Bring It On”
by Slur-P
“Sleep Isabella”
by Abney Park
Amazon itunes
“Escape (The Pina Colada Song)”
by Rupert Holmes
Amazon itunes
The Bar I Call Home
by Big Bad Johns
We’ll Meet Again”
by Los Lobos
Episode 5.03 – Whatever I Am, You Made Me
“Blood for Poppies””
by Garbage
Amazon itunes
Run Like Hell”
by Cydney Robinson
Piece of Heaven
by Susie Boehrn
Amazon itunes
“Mopus Dopus”by Chili Karonkas & The Infidels
“I’m With You”by We are Leo Amazon itunes
Transister Man“by Mark Slace
Get Lucky“by Troubadour Kings Amazon
Lonely“by Sheala Miller Amazon itunes
Whatever I am, You Made Me“by Koko Taylor Amazon itunes
Episode 5.02 – Authority Always Wins
Short Cut Down A Long Road
by Big Bad Johns
Coming for You
by Grant Langston
Amazon itunes
Hang It Up”
by Ting Tings
Amazon itunes
the Authority Song
by Bosco Del Ray
Episode 5.01 – Turn, Turn, Turn
Silly Love Songs” by Paul McCartney & Wings Amazon Itunes
You’re So Mean” by Biff Scarborough
The Soul Train’s A-Comin”
by eBlues Highway
Not on Amazon itunes
Devil in Me” by Ken Will Morton and the Wholly Ghosts Amazon Itunes
“Cherry Bomb” by The Runaways Amazon Itunes
“Feels Like the First Time” by Foreigner Amazon
“Turn Turn Turn” by My Morning Jacket