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True Blood Season 5 Fashion talk with costume designer Audrey Fisher

True Blood Season 5 Fashion talk with costume designer Audrey Fisher

Together with True Blood’s costume designer Audrey Fisher (@AudreyFish) we look back at some of the most remarkable costumes of season 5. What did the actors wear, who did they wear and why did they wear it?

Special thanks to Audrey Fisher for offering an insider look at the True Blood costumes and to Lisa for selecting the fashion picks.


From episode 5.06

Swoosh polo Roman

Alan Ball scripted this outfit: Golf clothes. Hilarious! So I just went for Power Golf Attire…Nike. Of course. And Chris is such a hunk, it was a pleasure to encase him in this tight, bright blue golf polo; then of course Nike high-concept fashion golf-pants (charcoal with a white windowpane, very elegant), and the new-fangled Nike version of old school golf saddle shoes. – Audrey Fisher


Faery Claude and Claudette

All the faeries are wearing such wonderful eclectic outfits, a real pastiche of rentals, vintage finds, and clothes and accessories from shops large and small all over LA, and it was such fun to design these looks! Claude is in a hot pink vintage vest rented from one of our local costume houses, along with some vintage and contemporary jewelry, and also vintage blue men’s slacks. I found the wonderful skinny sequined scarf at some store downtown. I love how it sparkles in the light. Claudette is wearing an adorable little red and hot pink striped Moroccan vest that was rented as well; a pink rose cocktail hat with luscious bought at a vintage shop; a mix of vintage and contemporary jewels; a sexy black bra; adorable little black satin tap pants with a little rose pattern from Jonquil; and of course sexy thigh high fishnets, high strappy heels and little mits! – Audrey Fisher


Salome in black

This is a stunning dress from Black Halo. Salome is always aware of her sexual power, so even this black dress has an incredibly seductive silhouette, and emphasizes all of Salome’s assets. I chose black because I felt Salome was showing deference and respect to Roman, who seems to be her lord and master…but dark plans are unfolding…and Salome is deeply religious, but also very political, vampire. – Audrey Fisher

Written by Shadaliza

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