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True Blood Season 7 Episode Guide

True Blood Season 7 Episode Guide



The True Blood Season 7 Episode Guide offers you the complete overview of all the episodes, including a page for each episode, casting information, the best quotes of the season and episode reviews for True Blood.

Season 7 production is almost complete,shooting began in January, 2014 and Season 7 will premiere on HBO June 22, 2014.

Make your choice from the menu:

  • Episode list: this page contains the episode titles, synopses, writers, directors information and music speculation
    • Casting Calls Calls requesting interested actors to apply for new characters to be included in True Blood’s Season 7.
    • Castings – List (with photos, if possible) of actors chosen from the casting calls.
  • Spoilers: this page contains all spoilers revealed before and during the airing of Season 7.
  • Music This page contains music featured in Season 7 by episode. There are links next to each song for both Amazon and ITunes to download mp3 versions of each song that is available.
  • Music Speculation: Prior to the airing of each episode, we make a guess as to which song will be the title song. See what we speculated to be the song for each episode.
  • True Deaths: A listing of all regular cast member characters who met the true death during the final True Blood season.

Also visit our Episode Guides for previous True Blood Seasons 3, 45, 6 by clicking on the images below:

 Sadly, there are no episode guides for Seasons 1 & 2 but we’re considering creating them. If you’d like to see them here, please comment below.


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    December 29, 2013

    Thanks for providing. I know this will be amazingly inclusive, as all your Guides have been. Shad and Lynn, your hard work and dedication to True Blood is very much appreciated. Bless you both!

  2. Avatar
    December 29, 2013

    My daughter and I have been patiently waiting for Season 7 True Blood. Now we are told that it is only 10 episodes long. NOT FAIR! And it’s the last season. NOT FAIR! My daughter bought me the seasons DVD’s for Christmas 2012 and we watched them together. We both LOVE True Blood! We feel cheated!!!!

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    July 21, 2014

    Now i found HBO ON i can look all and in german??

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    July 28, 2014

    Thanks for all the great info, both of you work very hard to bring this to us and it’s amazingly easy to find anything we want.

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    August 25, 2014

    Brian Buckner, because you chose to end BILL COMPTON, I will never read, watch, or purchase anything you do or are associated with!

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