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True Blood Season 7 Episode Guide – Castings

True Blood Season 7 Episode Guide – Castings

EpisodeGuides7 This page includes new actors chosen for parts in True Blood Season 7.  To see the original casting calls go to our Casting calls page. 


Brett Lorenzini

[TROY]: Troy will be seen in the premiere episode.
cameron barsanti

Cameron Barsanti

[SCREAMING MAN] Cast in True Blood Season 7 per Will Wallace Acting Company on Facebook Will be seen in episode 1.

Brittany Slattery

[WOUNDED WOMAN] Cast in True Blood Season 7 per Avant Artists on Facebook Seen in episode 1.

Lucas Adams

[LOU] Early 20s, Male, blue collar.  He is a member of Vince’s vigilante group who goes on patrol with him and several others; he’s aggressive but not dangerous…RECURRING. Original information came from New-Beginnings-Entertainment on Facebook.
nathan parsons

Nathan Parsons

[JAMES] Nathan Parsons will replace Luke Grimes in the part of the vampire, James.
Massi Furlan

Massi Furlan

[NIZOR] Male, Persian, late 30s to 50s. This burly vampire involved in a game of Russian roulette in a Moroccan bar derives courage and comfort from his faith in Allah…GUEST STAR

David Bickford

[REVEREND SKINNER] Previously seen in 2 other episodes. One was in Season 6′s finale, when Rev. Daniels and Rev. Skinner called on all their parishoners to have a blood sample given at church. The other time is when Rev. Skinner was officiating a wedding in New Orleans that the AVL visited and feasted on the guests in season 5.
brian poth

Brian Poth

[MATT] Previously seen in Season 6 as vampire friend of Holly who glamours Terry Bellefleur into forgetting his past.

Holly Hawkins

[TOWNIE WOMAN / UPPITY TOWNSWOMAN / CHURCHGOER WOMAN]  will be seen in three episodes.

Ashley Barron

[PAM'S TREAT] New snack for Pam - seen in 7.03 "Fire In The Hole."
tom poole

Tom Poole

 [VIGILANTE ] (uncredited)

Brett Rickaby

[VINCE] 40s, Male, burly is a rabid anti-vampire vigilante. Member of the tea party with political visions…GUEST STAR/RECURRING

Dustin Ingram

[RONNIE] MALE, 20s. He is a tall dangerous vampire who devours humans.  RECURRING CO-STAR.
riley smith

Riley Smith

[KEITH] a romantic vampire who moonlights (get it?) as a drummer in James’  (Nathan Parsons) band and who takes an instant liking to a certain grieving waitress. 

Isabella Rice


Robert Baker

[MACK]: Early 30s, Male, This motley human is an angry vigilante who joins Vince’s group and goes on patrol with him…RECURRING

Paul Black

[PAM'S TREAT] will be seen in episode 7.3 "Fire In The Hole."

Connor Barrett

[COLLIN] Collin was not listed in the casting calls we've seen, but it was mentioned previously that Pam had a progeny named Collin. She turned him shorty after she was made vampire, but later released him as you can see by watching the video below. So, while this is purely our speculation, it's very likely he could be her progeny.
gabriella wright

Gabriella Wright

[WOMAN AKA SYLVIE] 20s, beautiful, French. Must be French and speak French fluently. Love interest to Eric (Alexander Skarsgard)… Episode 2 Arc, on the final season of True Blood. This role requires full frontal nudity excluding genitalia.

Milli Moto

[CHURCH GIRL]: Milli will be seen in the premiere episode.

Essam Morsi

[MOROCCAN CITIZEN] Essam will be seen in the premiere episode.
christian pitre

Christian Pitre

[VICTORIA]: Christian is to be seen in episode 4.
Paul Rae

Paul Rae

[THE FIGURE]: He will be seen in Episode 1. He’s described as “scary, hulking, ugly, mean and crafty… like Leatherface or Jason Voorhees, but this guy talks.” Curiously, this Figure dude will appear in the season premiere — an episode that (presumably) finished shooting more than two months ago.

Matthew Holmes

[CHARLES DUPONT] will first be seen in Episode 5.

Brian Patrick Mulligan

[LOUIS BODEHOUSE] he played a scientist in last year's episode titled, "Dead Meat," but we think he might be related to Jane Bodehouse.
Gilbert Owuor

Gilbert Owour

[MINUS] This is the part of the slave that we have speculated will be in a flashback of Bill's past prior or during the Civil War. He will be seen in episode 5.

Drew Rausch

[JULIAN FORTENBERRY]: Drew will be seen in the episode 7.03.

Arthur Darbinyan

[NAYAT] will be seen in episode 7.03

Mike Moh

[YOKUZA #1] will be seen starting in episode 7.03.
Kellie Aiken

Kellie Aiken

[YOUNG REPUBLICAN HOSTESS]: Drew will be seen in the episode 7.05.
Screenshot 2014-04-30 12.08.38

Kathleen York

will yung lee

Will Yun Lee

[MR. GUS]: A Japanese businessman living in Texas, whose bigger-than-life, urban cowboy.
Melorine Adler

Melorine Adler

[GIRLFRIEND]:  in ep. 7.1 and 7.2
Chelsea Rickets

Chelsea Rickets

[LUCINDA] Lucinda in ep. 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4

Gary Holland

Gary Kraus

Gary Kraus

[VAMPIRE MAILMAN] in ep. 7.6 (He also played Mailman in bar in Escape from Dragon House in season 1.)

Screenshot 2014-06-21 11.01.05Ashley Hinshaw

[BRIDGET] Shows up later in Season 7, a girl from out of town

natalie-hallsquareNatalie Hall

[AMBER MILLS] Sarah Newlin's sister who is a vampire and hides Sarah from Eric and Pam.

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