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True Blood Season 7 Episode Guide – Episode 3 – “Fire In The Hole”

True Blood Season 7 Episode Guide – Episode 3 – “Fire In The Hole”


TRUE BLOOD Season 7 Episode #7.03, “Fire In The Hole”

Writer: Brian Buckner
Director: Lee Rose
Location: L.A.
Start Date: Winter, 2014
Air date: July 6, 2014


Synopysis:  Sookie (Anna Paquin) hatches a dangerous plan to take down the H-Vamps, even as Vince (Brett Rickaby) and his armed vigilantes pose an equally serious threat. Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) gets high with James (Nathan Parsons); Jason (Ryan Kwanten) eyes a family future with Violet (Karolina Wydra); Willa (Amelia Rose Blaire) is forced to find a new place to stay; Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp) sheds her past. Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) offers Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) a compelling reason to return to Louisiana– and be the vampire he used to be.

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musicspecSince the title of the episode is always a song title, below are possibilities for the song to end this episode. Below represents what we think will be the song for this episode.

Below are the choices of possible songs for this episode based on the title.

Honestly, there were so many songs with this as their title, that we just gave up after those listed below. I’m putting my money on either Hazel Dickens or Method Man.

Let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below.

Van Halen, “Fire In The Hole”



Hazel Dickens, “Fire In The Hole”



Steely Dan, “Fire In the Hole”


Method Man, “Fire Ina Hole”

Phil Settle With Vanacore Music Group, “Fire In The Hole”

New Town Kings, “Fire In the Hole

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Van Halen Hazel Dickens Steely Dan
Method Man Phil Settle New Town Kings

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