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True Blood Season 7 glimpses and hints

True Blood Season 7 glimpses and hints

TrueBlood_S5_Tease2-202x300We are estimating that True Blood Season 7 will begin airing in mid June, probably June 15, according to our calculations.  For the official date, we will have to wait though until it is confirmed by HBO.

Here’s what we know so far about the season:

  • The premiere, as well as the entirety of season 7, will center on the idea of whether or not humans and vampire can get along with each other.

  • Jessica’s love interest James has been replaced with another actor after Luke Grimes left the show. Nathan Parsons has taken on the role.

  • Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) will be getting a new boyfriend, who is described as “insanely good-looking.”

  • The final season will spend more time with the original cast members in Bon Temps rather than spreading out into multiple story lines and locations.

  • Showrunner Brian Buckner said that the final season will feature several “complicated three-way, four-way relationships” as the vampires have begun feeding.


Two True Blood stars, Carrie Preston and Amelia Rose Blaire have given a few further hints about the show, even if they are small ones:

Carrie Preston was interviewed by Zap2it and she was asked if she trusted the writers, she said:

“I always trust the writers,” Preston tells us. “Obviously the show has done really well because they’ve created this universe and these characters and they’ve married them with the actors, and so it’s been such a great experience and I would never second guess them at this point. I’m like, ‘Alright, bring us on home.'”


And, finally, listen to Amelia Rose Blaire as she is interviewed by The Global Dispatch. Amelia recaps Season 6 and give some clues about Season 7 during her interview:


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