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True Blood set photos – Season 6 filming the Governor of Louisiana

True Blood set photos – Season 6 filming the Governor of Louisiana

Our friend, Barbara of has been going to the True Blood sets recently photographing lots of pictures and more goodies for the fans and she has been kind enough to share them with us. This week the filming is of the Governor of Louisiana mansion and Stephen Moyer was there doing some directing, presumably finishing up on Episode 1, even though they have begun episode 2 filming. Many times its more efficient to be filming two episodes simultaneously since often the same sets are used, etc.

Barbara writes:

True Blood filmed for season six on location at the home in the photos. Our speculations were correct that yes this is the home being used for “The Governor” of Louisiana. Here is Arliss Howard (left in the photo below) rehearsing the scene (I can almost quote the speech he gives word for word! Heard him repeat it many times for each practice and quite a few takes for the filming). His character is not a big fan of vampires. It will be interesting to see just what his role will be next season.



Here are a few photos from the set:

to see more photos go to

Written by Lynnpd

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  1. Avatar
    February 01, 2013

    Thank you, Barbara. Appreciate the photos and the information. It’s fun getting a peek as filming is taking place.


  2. Avatar
    February 02, 2013

    Interesting indeed, I look forward to see what Arliss Howard brings to the table this season. BTW, Stephen looks delicious as usual!

    Thax, for sharing Barbara.

    LOL @ “Fangs Are Teeth Too”

    Too Cute!


  3. Avatar
    February 04, 2013

    Steve directing! This is very good news. I’m encouraged because his direction is excellent and will be very good for the show.


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