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True Blood Sophie-Anne’s fashion secrets revealed

True Blood Sophie-Anne’s fashion secrets revealed

erwhboTrue Blood’s costume designer Audrey Fisher reveals the fashion secrets of queen Sophie-Anne.

We first meet Wood snacking on her female lover in a floor-length gold dust gown by Les Habitudes with cascading embroidery, heels by Bebe and rhinestone watch by Figaro Couture.

And talk about a high/low combo–the dramatic drop earrings that look as though the Queen raided them from an Elizabethan pop-up are only $65, from Carloee, available at Lord & Taylor.

For her second look, and our personal favorite, Sophie-Ann sports a tongue-wagging pool ensemble: throwback bathing suit by Norma Kamali, robe by Jonquil, bust broach a vintage Pauline Trigere and DSquared heels.

As for her sunglasses (those sunglasses!), those are “vintage one-of-a-kind” according to Fisher.


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