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True Blood’s Holly – Lauren Bowles interview with On The Red Carpet

True Blood’s Holly – Lauren Bowles interview with On The Red Carpet

Last month The Vault interviewed Lauren Bowles and we learned what a delightful person she is.  Now, OTRC has also interviewed True Blood’s Holly, a witch, or as she prefers to call it, a “Wiccan”, who is also a waitress and single mother who catches the eye of the local sheriff. 

Lauren talks about the differences between her and her character:

On surface, we are very different, obviously – I’m an East coaster, you know pretty well educated – although I can be somewhat of an idiot,”


Bowles joked to correspondent Tony Cabrera, while describing her “True Blood” character.

But there are similarities in that … she’s very, I would say holistic, which is the route [I’ve taken],” the actress added. “Moving California, discovering yoga, meditation – I think we are both real believers that there is a lot more here than what is actually here in our physical world. I’d say we’re both big believers in that and have a lot of faith and spirituality. I’d say there’s an ease of self that we both share.”

Bowles, a Washington D.C. native, studied theater at New York University and starred in local productions before beginning her on-screen acting career in the mid-1990s. She and husband Patrick Fischler are parents to a 2-year-old girl, Fia.

Before she was cast on “True Blood,” the actress, whose half sister is “Seinfeld” actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, appeared in numerous television shows, including “Seinfeld,” “Arrested Development” and “Judging Amy.” She got her first big screen role in the 1997 film “George of the Jungle,” where she played Leslie Mann’s characters’ friend. She has since gone on to appear in films such as “Hall Pass” and “The Heartbreak Kid.”

Bowles says she initially thought a more known celebrity would obtain her part on “True Blood.”

Watch the four part interview with OTRC below:

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    August 16, 2011

    Delightful interview. Lauren is very engaging, full of enthusiasm for True Blood and her role on the show.


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