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True Blood’s Michael McMillian at Long Beach Comic Con

True Blood’s Michael McMillian at Long Beach Comic Con

The first Annual Long Beach Comic Con will take place this weekend from October 2 – October 4. True Blood actor Michael McMillian (Steve Newlin) will participate on the ARCHAIA PANEL: THE MOUSE THAT ROARED on Saturday October 3 at 12:00 in Room B.

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With special guest David Petersen’s MOUSE GUARD: WINTER 1152 now a bonafide New York Times bestseller, Archaia is an independent publisher on the rise. Come celebrate Archaia’s fantastic slate of upcoming projects with a panel overflowing with creators excited to tell you about what’s coming next. Joshua Hale Fialkov (TUMOR), Josh Finney (TITANIUM RAIN), Joe LeFavi (FRAGGLE ROCK, THE DARK CRYSTAL, LABYRINTH), Michael McMillian (LUCID), David Petersen (MOUSE GUARD), Tom Pinchuk (HYBRID BASTARDS!), Kat Rocha (TITANIUM RAIN), Trevor Roth(DAYS MISSING) and Ryan Schifrin(THE DEVIL’S HANDSHAKE) will share exclusive news, showcase fantastic art and shower a few, lucky attendees with free Archaia t-shirts and other great prizes. Don’t miss it!

Michael McMillian is working on the comic book “Lucid” that will be published by Zachary Quinto’s (Heroes, Star Trek) company, Before the Door Productions, which recently partnered up with comic book publisher Archaia Studios to launch a series of new comic book projects. Michael told The Vault about “Lucid”: “The story is set in an alternate universe where major world powers have secret agents working for them, trained in the ancient art of sorcery and magic. It’s a blend of James Bondian action/adventure with hints of modern day fantasy. Cool stuff. I’m really excited about it. I hope faithful “True Blood” fans will check it out. “Lucid” should debut in the winter of 2010.

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