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True Blood’s Sarah Newlin has unfinished business with hubby Steve

Anna Camp at the True Blood Season 6 premiere


We all know that Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp) is returning to True Blood this season, but now we learn that we will see her in the very next episode to air this Sunday. Over at TVLine, we learned more than that:


Question: Two episodes into True Blood‘s new season, and there’s no sign of Anna Camp’s Sarah Newlin. What gives? —Jonathan
Ausiello: The bitch is back this Sunday and has a “very tense” reunion with her estranged gay vampire ex Steve, teases his portrayer Michael McMillian, who says viewers “will get some insight into what happened in their marriage during Seasons 3 and 4… They have some unfinished business.

And, Anna Camp tweeted from the True Blood set that she was in the midst of the craziest day of work I’ve ever had… and I projectile vomited in Pitch Perfect.’ Well, I hear things got so nuts that the actress ended up in the hospital with a bruised noggin! It was just a precaution and she’s totally fine, but still… Makes me wonder what the hell was going on.”


Check out the official synopsis of the episode in our Season 6 Episode Guide for episode 3.


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