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True Blood’s title song “I Will Rise Up”

True Blood’s title song “I Will Rise Up”

Lyle Lovett performed the title song of True Blood episode 2.09 “I Will Rise Up”.

In the darkest hour, in the dead night,
As the storm clouds gather, and the lightning strikes,
And the thunder rolls, and the cold rain blows,
The future it holds, what God only knows.

And I will rise up, and I will rise up,
Though I be a dead man, I said yes and amen.
And I will stand tall, and I will stand tall,
Until I meet my end, until I meet my end.


Written by Shadaliza

Shadaliza loves the Internet, film and TV shows, writing, running websites and charity fundraising; she has found the perfect combo in the fansites to express her creativity and passion. Shadaliza is Dutch, but has lived in Italy for many years and works as Marketing Executive for an Internet hosting company.

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  1. Avatar
    August 18, 2009

    What a powerful and beautiful song! well done HBO for using great music this season!
    Perfect and moving song for Godric meeting the sun – which was the biggest character loss for True Blood.


  2. Avatar
    August 19, 2009

    Why did I not know that was Lyle Lovett? Hauntingly beautiful melody and lyrics. It’s been stuck in my head since Sunday night. And always I see Godric’s face. So many metaphors…Godric rising up to become so much more than others aspired to and also the hope that the hereafter-whatever it may be- will fling open it’s doors to such a developed soul.

    And I will rise up
    Though I be a dead man
    And I will stand tall
    Until I meet my end
    -Lyle Lovett


  3. Avatar
    August 19, 2009

    The song is in my head as well since Sunday. Great tune by Lyle. I hope it gets on the season two TB soundtrack!


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