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What do we know so far – S1E2

What do we know so far – S1E2

Season 1 – Episode 2 – The First Taste

Vampires move fast and are very strong. They become stronger over the years. Some can change form.

Drinking vampire blood doesn’t turn you into a vampire. If you drink it when you are wounded, you will heal. It will increase the sense of smell and taste and also the libido.

Tara’s mother is an alcoholic.

Bill was made a vampire in 1865 when he was 30 human years old. He fought in the civil war.
He was married and had children.

Fellowship of the Sun – Organisation against vampires – spokesperson is Rev. Theodore Newlin.

The parents of Sookie and Jason are dead. The died in a flash flood when Sookie was 7years old.

Bill moved into the Compton house, just across the field from Sookie’s house. The cemetery is there.

Vampires can’t enter a mortals home without their permission. Given permission can also be withdrawn again.

Vampires can glamour a human (like hypnosis) so that they can feed on them but they won’t remember what happened. It doesn’t work on Sookie however.

Because Sookie drank Bill’s blood, he will now be able to always feel her and find her fast if needed.

When vampires get sexually aroused their fangs extract.

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