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What do we know so far – S1E3

What do we know so far – S1E3

Season 1 – Episode 3 – Mine

Hep-D (hepatitis-D) is a mutation of hepatitis and is relatively harmless to humans, but it makes vampires weak for about a month.

Bill had sex with Diane. So besides sex with humans, vampires also have sex with each other. From the books of Charlaine Harris where True Blood is based upon we learn that vampires don’t have sex with eachother very often and when they do, they hardly ever have an intense, longlasting relationship. They prefer humans.

When Bill says: “Sookie is mine”, he communicates to the other vampires that Sookie is his human and that he is the only one who can feed on her.

Vampires that live together in nests become more cruel and vicious. Vampires that choice to live alone are more likely to hold on to their former humanity.

Vampires have no heartbeat and no need to breath, there are no electrical impulses in their bodies. They are dead.

It seems that sex with a vampire is pretty fantastic. And why not …. They had many centuries to practice…

Sookie is a virgin.

Sam barks in his sleep.

Malcom is Bill’s elder, so Bill has no authority over him. It seems that vampires are organized in some kind of authority structure, where someone called Eric has a high position and a female vampire with an even higher authority is mentioned.

Not all vampires want to mainstream, be part of human society and live on Tru Blood.

Also Sookies’ grandfather had some kind of telepathic ability.

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