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Who Will Be Alive at the end of True Blood

Who Will Be Alive at the end of True Blood


Now that we’ve seen so many deaths on True Blood this season, including the deaths of regulars like Tara, Alcide, Maxine, Rosie, Kevin, and Kenya we can only speculate about what we think is going to continue to be a blood bath in Bon Temps until the true end of the show. Will Bon Temps be smarter than the residents of St. Alice and be able to avoid any more deaths in town? We are hopeful, but since all the cast have been stating in interviews that we should expect a lot more deaths, we’re pretty worried and wonder who’s going to be left alive.

We’d like to know what you think.


Now that we’re half way through the season, instead of trying to guess who’s going to die, we propose a more difficult question for speculation, WHO WILL LIVE TO THE END OF TRUE BLOOD! If the HepV virus gets worse, could the whole race of vampires be wiped out?  Or, with their super power, will they kill off all the humans, or will the battle end, HepV be cured and vampires and humans learn to co-exist?

Below is our poll of which “regular” characters on True Blood are up for speculation as to their demise by the end of the season.

Pick your choices of who will be LEFT ALIVE by the end of last episode below (choose more than one).  Also, leave your comments to let us know what you think.



VISIT THE SEASON 7 EPISODE GUIDE – DEATH’S PAGE: We are updating the death toll of the regular cast members this season on a continuing basis in the Season 7 Episode Guide with a special page called Season 7 True Deaths.

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