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Win an original True Blood pilot script signed by Alan Ball

Win an original True Blood pilot script signed by Alan Ball

January 11: This raffle is now closed. Due to unforeseen circumstances regarding PayPal we were not able to extent the duration of the raffle.

E.J. Scott will draw the winning raffle ticket numbers as soon as we have received all the entries. All five winners will be notified and the  winning raffle ticket numbers will be published on the Vault after we contacted the winners.


The Vault is giving away five very special unique collectors items in an online raffle of which ALL the proceeds will go directly to the Choroideremia Research Foundation.

HBO and Alan Ball graciously provided us with an original script of the pilot episode of True Blood and a BluRay of True Blood season 1 both signed by the creator of the show himself: Mr. Alan Ball. True Blood actress Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica) gives away a personalized t-shirt and headshot. And we have an extra prize donated by the wonderful folks of EyeCon: A bottle of Tru Blood signed by Sam Trammell, Nelsan Ellis, Ashley Jones, Todd Lowe and Allan Hyde.


Everybody worldwide can participate and win one of these True Blood collectors items. But first let me tell you something about the Choroideremia Research Foundation (CRF).

Choroideremia is a degenerative hereditary eye disease that attacks the peripheral vision and slowly erodes it over time until total blindness.

Scientists discovered the exact location of the Choroideremia gene on the X chromosome in the early 1990’s. New research based on these findings now drives the search for a treatment. However, at present there is no effective treatment or cure.

ejdebBut with the proper funding the CRF is potentially within two short years of human clinical trials to CURE Choroideremia!

Deborah Ann Woll’s boyfriend E.J. Scott has Choroideremia and so do several of his family members. I interviewed E.J. some time ago and he told me how he life has changed from the moment he was diagnosed. You can read the interview here.

Raffles rules and how to participate

One Raffle with 5 winners:

  • 1° prize: 1 Original script of the pilot episode of True Blood signed by Alan Ball
  • 2° prize: 1 BluRay of True Blood Season 1 signed by Alan Ball
  • 3° prize: 1 I ♥ Vampire Jessica t-shirt signed and personalized by Deborah Ann Woll
  • 4° prize: 1 signed and personalized headshot of Deborah Ann Woll
  • 5° prize: 1 bottle of Tru Blood signed by Sam Trammell, Nelsan Ellis, Ashley Jones, Todd Lowe and Allan Hyde.

How to participate:

  • 1 ticket for the raffle costs $5.
  • You can buy as many tickets as you like, but you must buy them 1 at a time, because the transaction number is your raffle ticket number.
  • You buy your ticket(s) by PayPal or credit card by clicking on the special PayPal button below, the money will go directly into the account of the Choroideremia Research Foundation.
  • PayPal will send you a transaction number. This transaction number is your raffle ticket number. Keep this number in a safe place!
  • Leave a valid email address, because you will receive your transaction number by email and that is your raffle ticket number.
  • Everybody worldwide can participate.
  • The 5 winners will be drawn randomly from all the participants.
  • The 5 winners will be contacted by email, so be sure to leave a valid email when you purchase your ticket(s).


For more information about the CRF visit The Choroideremia Research Foundation website.

The CRF is a registered charity and therefore buying a raffle ticket is like making a donation to them and these donations are tax deductible for US citizens.

Deborah Ann Woll

The Vault – assumes no responsibility for lost, mutilated, or misdirected entries, nor for lost, mutilated or misdirected prizes that are sent out to the winning entries.

Written by Shadaliza

Shadaliza loves the Internet, film and TV shows, writing, running websites and charity fundraising; she has found the perfect combo in the fansites to express her creativity and passion. Shadaliza is Dutch, but has lived in Italy for many years and works as Marketing Executive for an Internet hosting company.

22 Comment responses

  1. Avatar
    November 24, 2009

    Great Raffle and even Greater Cause! Thank you Alan Ball for affording us this luxury, so that we can continue to support the CRF organization.


  2. Avatar
    November 24, 2009

    Awesome raffle. It goes for a great cause. Will be sure to buy some raffle tickets.


  3. Avatar
    November 24, 2009

    What a great raffle – wonderful cause and lovely prizes! Let me count my pennies and I’ll be back to bid. :))


  4. Avatar
    November 24, 2009

    I wonder how much money I can get from donating my blood. Only thing though, my blood-type is “syrup”.

    It’s a capital idea guys! I’m so proud of everyone involved. Thanks to Alan and Deborah…and I bow down to the superior collaborative efforts of the Vault and the SMWebring! w00t!


  5. Avatar
    November 24, 2009

    Awesome! Announced it at I Heart Deborah!


  6. Avatar
    November 25, 2009

    Excellent idea. Kudos to all involved. The raffle ticket price is a modest amount, making it easier for everyone to participate, and even do so more than once. I am grateful for the PayPal button … that makes contributing a lot easier for me.


  7. Avatar
    November 27, 2009

    I’m donating. It’s a great cause and I love TB and Deborah Ann. :)


  8. Avatar
    November 29, 2009

    I donated. :) My husband and I are huge TB fans, so we couldn’t pass up the chance. It’s for a great cause, too.


  9. Avatar
    November 29, 2009

    If my donation can make a difference, then it will happen! You’ve picked the best representation possible..all the best!


  10. Avatar
    November 30, 2009

    Thank you to Alan Ball, Deborah Ball and The Vault – I have three teen sons with this eye disease and I truly appreciate all you have done to raise awareness and funds for a cure for choroideremia! I will be sure to post to all of my friends and to my blog.


  11. Avatar
    November 30, 2009

    Correction!! Thank you Deborah Ann Woll – sometimes my fingers are going way too fast!


  12. Avatar
    December 01, 2009

    Thank you for this raffle for such a worthy cause!!! This disease doesn’t get nearly the press it should. My husband and his brother have this disease. It’s awful to watch the effects of its progression and what the eventuality will be. Here’s hoping for a cure within our lifetime!


  13. Avatar
    December 01, 2009

    Thank you all for buying tickets and your donations. Help spread the word!


  14. Avatar
    December 06, 2009

    was my pleasure to do my part! great cause and Great show! big fan!! Deborah big fan and god bless you for standing by your man!! uncondition love True Love!! hugs to you both!


  15. Avatar
    December 16, 2009

    Tickets are selling like crazy, thanks to all! Many people are buying multiple tickets, increase your chance to win by buying a bunch yourself!

    I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and may this next year bring what those of us affected by Choroideremia wish for the most: OUR SIGHT!!

    Regards, Cory MacDonald


  16. Avatar
    December 21, 2009

    I´m so grateful for the Paypal-button. I´m from Germany so it´s kinda tricky everytime I try to order/ buy sth. from the U.S. Of course I´ll support this project and ´ll buy some tickets.

    Nice x-mas, everyone!


  17. Avatar
    December 21, 2009

    Thank you all very much for buying tickets!


  18. Avatar
    January 06, 2010

    My husband has CHM like EJ does. I just bought 4 tickets!
    I hope many more will donate, we are so close to a treatment!
    Love True Blood!


    • Avatar
      January 07, 2010

      All the best wishes for you and your husband.


  19. Avatar
    January 15, 2010

    When are the winners going to be picked and announced?


    • Avatar
      January 16, 2010

      I have received the winning ticket numbers from EJ, winners will be announced very soon.


  20. Avatar
    January 21, 2010

    I had the opportunity to go to the Eyecon convention in Florida and was there when the bottles were signed.The cast members that were there were some of the nicest people .I had never heard of this disease before I went however came home with a new appreciation for my sight ..I wish all the people that suffer from or that know someone that suffers from this disease the very best and that they will some day find a cure.


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